Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Grandfather is Golden - Six Times Over

An email update from my uncle, Jeff Scott, a sportswriter with a resume longer than my arm, about my grandfather's performance at the National State Games of America:

Cheered on by (family) and coach, Helen, George W. Scott yesterday captured six Gold Medals in the National State Games of America, held at Bishop McDevitt High School in Harrisburg, Pa.  Although he has won state titles in both the Keystone and Senior games in the past, these were his first national medals.  (Scott) won Golds in the following events:
  • 100 Meters: 26 seconds
  • Shot Putt: 18 Feet
  • Triple Jump: 15 Feet
  • Long Jump: 6 Feet
  • 200 Meters: 61 seconds
  • Hammer Throw: 36 Feet
The only event that really gave him trouble was the triple jump – but he nailed it on his fourth and final try.  And he still had trouble remembering how to walk out of the shot putt area without getting disqualified, but fortunately Helen stood behind the cage and yelled: “BACK!!!!” at the end of each throw to remind him not to step forward.

All of these medals were won in the age 90-94 category – and both his presence and his effort made him without question the most popular participant in the entire meet.  Following each event the PA announcer would announce his name as the winner and the crowd would cheer wildly.  When we all walked along the track from one event to another the people in the stands would stand and cheer him each time he passed.  Towards the end of the day strangers and co-competitors kept coming up to him to ask if they could have their pictures taken with him.  I wish y’all could have seen it – it was pretty amazing.

Scott has been invited to go to Nebraska for the next national event in 2015 – at which time he would have to compete in the 95-99 age group.  Don’t put it past him.

You can see the results for the events he was on the event website.

The community where he lives issued a press release from one of his earlier competitions.

The local newspaper also did a writeup - that's where the picture came from

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

All You Need is Love

Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend
By now I am sure most readers have heard of the passing of Bishop Emeritus John M. D'Arcy of the Diocese of Fort Wayne - South Bend. He has been the bishop of our diocese most of my wife's adult life and was the only bishop I knew until his retirement a few years ago.

Much has been said or written about Bishop D'Arcy that, while bears repeating, I could not do justice. Simply put he was an amazing man of unconquerable faith. You would never see him uncomfortable or ill at ease because his confidence in God's plan for him and all of us was so strong it never seemed to rattle him.

Perhaps the best eulogy for the bishop can be found in the Gospel reading on the day he died. Jesus being rejected by the people in his home town when He testified to the truth. While I'm saddened that his words were not heeded by those in the Archdiocese of Boston, I'm eternally grateful that God brought him to our community to make a home. Fr. Jacob Meyer, who was selected by Bishop D'Arcy to go to seminary, gave him a great tribute during his homily on Sunday - he truly stood for truth and faith.

Fr. Meyer's homily inspired me to write something of my thoughts on the bishop's passing. All of his actions sprang from the love he had for all of us. I think it must have been difficult to argue with him because he was always so confident, because his actions all stemmed from his love for every one of us. Fr. Meyer said that as a seminarian he knew that Bishop D'Arcy could often be found in the first pew of the cathedral, praying for guidance. His confidence was not rooted in some arbitrary decision-making process, it was rooted in the prayer and faith.

I know one of my greatest challenges is love. At an intellectual level I understand that I should love everyone and for the most part I try not to hate people. But I think that is not enough. I've been locked in a series of conversations with people about "winning hearts and changing minds," and the conclusion I've come to is that while arguments and actions rooted in negativity, anger or frustration may have a more immediate impact on getting people to do what you want, it doesn't really have an impact on how they think about the subject.

When you act through love, it's not something you can fake. Most people can spot an imposter a mile away. I think our society may be so cynical that many might consider someone acting out of love with some suspicion. That said, when you can break through that cloud of cynicism, you might actually start having an impact. Bishop D'Arcy may have exuded confidence, but he won over people because he was acting out of love for them.

Love starts with prayer - you can't understand how to show love for others if you don't take time to extend it to God. Love for God helps you show love to others. I know this isn't something that happens over night, and I pray and hope that God helps strengthen me to see it through - but I want more than anything else to be like Bishop D'Arcy... I want to show God's love to all those I have the opportunity to contact.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Crossposted from Hoosier Access "Inaugural #HAchat Wednesday at 8pm with Pete Seat"

Hoosier Access Chats start this Wednesday at 8pm w/ INDGOP Comm Dir Pete Seat

We’re excited to start a new feature here at Hoosier Access, weekly chats with the people you want to hear from. Every Wednesday at 8pm we’ll host a chat on Twitter using the hashtag #HAchat where you can talk about news and politics in the Hoosier state.

Hoosier Access is honored to kick off our #HAchat series with Indiana Republican Party Communications Director Pete Seat. Continue reading Inaugural #HAchat Wednesday at 8pm with Pete Seat...