Jack of All Trades – Master of None

Derek Pillie is a husband, father, Catholic, online marketer, rabid QPR fan and a political activist.Welcome to the new DerekPillie.com! I hope that readers of the Jack UV all Trades blog will have no troubles finding it. I wanted to do a better job of writing and organizing my posts, so I moved to a more flexible content management system and here we are!

On this site you’ll find information about me, my family and my interests. I chose Jack UV all Trades for the name of my blog because I have so many different interests, but would be hard pressed to be able to describe myself as an expert in any of them. So the moniker seemed to fit. In fact, I even posted an answer on Quora about what constitutes a “jack of all trades,” you can read it here!

Some topics you can expect to read about are politics and faith, especially how those to issues intertwine among one another. I also will be writing about Fort Wayne and the surrounding area, particularly events and issues I think are important. I’m a huge fan of soccer (association football) and am proud to be an American Outlaw and I’m sure that’ll produce some thoughts as well. Professionally I work in the world of online marketing, so you may see some blogs on issues that relate to that topic from time to time.

Most importantly, I love to write and I want to get better at it. The only way that is going to happen is to get back into the habit of doing it… so that is really what this site is all about. I also love feedback, so please share your thoughts with me about what you’re reading. If there’s something you’d like to see me write about, just share it!